The meaning of 28 Moura March 19: The Divine Shattering Day from a Janite Perspective



Madria Erin, in her most engaging and thoughtful post on Kala, asked the question, what is the full thealogy of the day, if the Daughter is not dead?

Our Scriptures teach that the Holy Daughter suffered a torturous Descent down through the Realms before Her Death. These scriptural verses, taken altogether, are seemingly inspired by the Mythos of Inanna, Persephone, and the Passion of the Christ. Our scriptures continue with the story of how after Her death, the Holy One went to the deepest, darkest realms in order to carry the Light of the Mother to every corner of existence. (Jesus was said to have descended into hell, after death, to free the souls waiting there. Persephone, of course, spent six months in Hades.) On the Holy Feast of Eastre, as evidenced in the Mythos of Persephone, the Daughter was rescued and resurrected by Her Mother.

And though, I cannot speak for Filianists, I would assume that Kala is spent in the remembrance of the Passion and Death of the Holy Daughter. (We must keep in mind that there were many dead and resurrecting pre-Christian gods. This timeless myth extends thousands of years B. C.)

There is an hauntingly beautiful Filianic lament in honor of Mari-Anna that is often chanted on this day. {Anna is the name of the Holy Daughter in Filianic Tradition. Though it is said to come from the name Hannah, it also stems from Inanna and Jana as in Di-Jana or Di-Anna. Jana is correctly pronounced Yanna}.

Demeter and Persephone

We must also be mindful of the fact that the name, Demeter, translates to God the Mother and Persephone (per seph o nay), before Her Descent into Hades, was called Kore (Kor-eh or Kora), which means the Maid/Maiden or Daughter. It was after the Divine Kora returned to the Earth from the Underworld that She was called Persephone. (1)

I and both of my bishops, believe that the Eleusinian Mysteries, served in honor of Demeter/Persephone, were truly based upon the Divine Mother and Daughter.

These ancient rites were liturgical in nature and had a Divine Communion Rite. The Eluesinian Mysteries were based on a Mother-God and Daughter-God Who were separated, the Daughter descended into hell, and Her resurrection was celebrated, annually.  During this Rite, devotees truly believed that they were receiving the Body of Demeter,’ God the Mother’,  through the Communion Bread.

The deeply meaningful and mystical Communion Rite of the original Madrian liturgy, part of which is to be found in our scriptures, was inspired by the Myth of Persephone. Though Persephone did not die, per se; rather, She was trapped in the underworld where Her Mother shattered the gates of Hades in order to rescue Her; this Mythos may be considered symbolic of a death and resurrection. Certainly, the resurrection of all life on Earth followed the return of Persephone from the under-world.

In Sophian Tradition, there is also a Communion Rite that may be based upon Proverbs.

Just as Filianists and other Matriarchal scholars have managed to discover the pre-Patriarchal roots of many Goddess-based myths, in Janite Tradition, the Cosmic Drama of the Holy Daughter is founded upon the pre-Patriarchal Mythos of Sophia/Shekinah (see

The Divine Sophia is pan-religious, meaning, She is not confined to one religion. She is actually pre-Christian and all may worship Her. She is the Image/Form that Janites use for the Holy Daughter. Included in the Mythos of Shekinah/Sophia is the Divine Shattering.


Sources for this Myth of the Divine Shattering of Shekinah/Sophia may be found within certain traditions of Kabbalism, in Gnostic schools of thought and in ancient Syrian Gnostic Christianity.

In Kabbalism, this Descent is not considered to be the punishment it is in Gnostic Christianity; it is a voluntary act on the part of Lower (meaning immanent—so Daughter-Form) Shekinah out of Her love for the Children of Israel and this Descent through lower-vibrational density resulted in the Shattering of Her Soul.

Unlike Kabbalism, the Christian Sophian Tradition, unfortunately, blames this Shattering on a mistake that Sophia supposedly made by trying to create without Her Male Partner. We, and many modern Christians and Sophian devotees, do not accept this Patriarchal view of Lower (again, meaning immanent-so Daughter-Form) Sophia. She is said, in ancient sources, to always do the will of Her Mother (Higher Sophia) and so, She descended down through the Realms, like the Shekinah (they are One and the same Being) to be immanent with the Children of the Earth, but this torturous Descent down through the ever increasingly denser and darker dimensions eventually caused Her Soul to Shatter. This Shattering, as taught in Shekinan/Sophian Mythos, did not cause Her death, rather, it caused Her to become the World Soul or the Holy Soul of the World (of all of us and all of Nature).

In contrast to the Mythos of Persephone, the Divine Sophia is not saved by Her Mother. Rather, She, like Quan Yin, chooses to remain immanent with us. She becomes an integral Part of us, to unite as One Being with us, until the day we desire nothing but Perfect Love and so at that ending of the time of our Soul Journey, She ascends with us, assuming our souls unto the Celestial Mother in the Heavenly Realm of Bliss, the Pleroma, our True Home.

Kuan Yin – She who hears all the suffering in the world

I picture the Divine Shattering of the Holy Daughter like an hologram that has been shattered into a million pieces. Each shattered piece (us) is still a reflection of the Whole and yet, the Core of the Original Wholeness is still intact because the Holy Daughter is God and God cannot disintegrate. She cannot die.

The Holy Daughter is like the Central Piece of the Original Hologram. Though the fragile, rarefied outward pieces of the Daughter’s Soul was Shattered (and Sophia is said to have had a rarefied Body—Soul), Her Essence, Her Spirit, did not, could not, shatter, disintegrate. Thus, the Original Immanent Image of the Celestial Mother, She Who is the Holy Daughter, was Shattered, and yet, remained Whole in an of Herself and we, Her Divine Sparks, each were ensouled with Her Soul. She is the Soul of our souls and the Spirit of the Divine Sparks within us. This is the Divine Mystery of the Feasts of Moura and Eastre in the Janite Tradition.

Returning to the holographic analogy: As found in Stanislav Grof’s,  the Holotropic Mind: ‘Unlike normal photographs, every portion of a piece of holographic film contains all the information of the whole. Thus if a piece of a holographic plate is broken into fragments, each piece can still be used to reconstruct the entire image.’

To reconstruct the entire image. That is why Sophia, the Holy Daughter, seeks the Sparks within us, so that She may recreate the Original Image and render us back into that Perfect Hologram in order to reunite us with the Celestial Mother, the Origin of the Image.

But, just as with the brain, where the whole is carried in the part— as the brain is damaged or sections removed, the more it is cut up, the more the memory, though it remains intact, becomes fuzzy, just so, an hologram becomes fuzzier the more it is shattered. Thus, we of the Shattered One are but imperfect, fuzzy reflections of the Divine Daughter, Who is the Immanent Image of the Celestial Mother, Who, in turn, Who comes from the Source, the Great Mother and so we must seek, through Her Grace and Her Sacraments (2) to become ever more perfect reflections of Her. And, we do so out of love of Dea, and, as our scriptures teach, out of love for Her children. We do so by striving through every thought, word and action to draw ever closer to the Holy One rather than retreating further away from Her.

Green Sophia, by Daniel Mirante, contributing artist to the Artists Envisioning the Divine project.

To summarize: In Her desire to be immanent with us, we who are the Children of the Earth/the Children of Dea, after our fall into density, the painful Descent through the denser, lower vibrational Realms proved to be too much for the delicate, rarefied Soul-Body of the Holy Daughter, one which was not protected by a material body and so, it Shattered. We became One in Soul with the Holy Daughter. We contain souls that were given to us out of Her Sacrifice; we contain within our souls Her Divine Sparks.

In Kabbalistic teaching: The Shekinah plays another very important role in the story of creation, and in particular in the Great Plan of humankind.  It is believed that in man’s fall to a denser, less perfect state of being in the physical, the Shekinah stayed with us as we separated from God or were exiled from the ‘Garden’.  Thus, the Shekinah, once again, was voluntarily removed from God/En Sof in order for us to have our experience.  She has always stayed with us, wherever we were exiled or isolated or shut out, the Shekinah was always there in exile and isolation with us.

sophia goddess of wisdom with chalice

On this day (Kala in the Auroran and Filianic Traditions), Janites spend a day in somber remembrance of this greatest, most heart-rending, soul wrenching, sacrificial myrrh-infused, stopped moment out of time when all the Cosmos holds its breath; the  most knee-bowing, head-veiling, thunderstruck, awestruck, Shining Being witnessed, Ultimate, Primordial Love Sacrifice of the Most Pure and Holy Daughter. She literally gave Herself to us. And, She never left us. She stayed. 

In this way, She lives every single moment of every single day with us. Whether we are in pain; whether we experience joy; whether we glory in love or suffer abandonment, She is literally part of us and we of Her and so, She experiences exactly as we do with all our pain, emotions and bliss.

This is the full thealogy of the day of Divine Shattering in the Janite Tradition.

Janites practice the ancient rite of lustration/purification and veil in solemn observance of Her Descent and Shattering on this day, 28 Moura/March 19 (March 18 on a leap year).

May the Queen of Heaven, She Who is the Divine Shattered One; She Who is the Holy Soul of the World; She Who is the Queen of Heaven, bless you and be with you. Blessed is She.


ArchMadria Pamela Lanides


  1. The meaning behind Persephone is a little bit of a mystery. It could derive from the Greek pertho (“to destroy”) or from phone (“murder”). She may be a Greek and Roman goddess, but that doesn’t prove that her name comes from either language. In fact, the multiple spellings of her name in ancient sources suggest that the Greeks found her name difficult to pronounce, which would suggest that it was foreign to them. Some historians believe that worship of her, as well as her mother Demeter, predate the Olympian pantheon. (Though this is the most common guessed meaning of Persephone, there are those who believe it may mean She Who lightens the darkness.)



28 Moura / 19 March The Divine Shattering

These are just a few collected notes, that I have gathered together.


Name of the Day is still being discussed.

Personal: Latin Quassare “to shatter,”
of Quatere “to shake,”
from PIE root *kwet- “to shake”

which reminds me of the word vibration, the Holy Daughter’s torturous Descent down through the ever increasingly denser and darker dimensions eventually causing…

“for She has given a portion of Herself in order for each human to come into being in this world. In giving of Herself to humans, in this state of physical density and isolation, the World Soul becomes shattered. This shattering can be metaphorically grasped in considering what might happen to a glass alembic or flask when too much pressure is put upon in the alchemical works. Thus, the Shekinah represents the ultimate archetype of selfless sacrifice. All Her sacrifices have been for the benefit of creation so that humankind may experience this life in order to fulfill its destiny and purpose. (3). And, this is exactly how we understand the Sacrifice of the Holy Daughter.


So the one word Quassare leads me through the Cosmic drama in it’s entirety.

(Interestingly enough, in Greek, Divine Shattering is Feminine: theía thráfsi.)

Janite Dea-nic Tradition: Kala (meaning “black, of a dark colour, dark-blue …” or “a fixed or right point of time, a space of time, time … destiny, fate … death”).

The Importance of this day

“On this day, Janites spend a day in somber remembrance of this greatest, most heart-rending, soul wrenching, sacrificial myrrh-infused, stopped moment out of time when all the Cosmos holds its breath; the  most knee-bowing, head-veiling, thunderstruck, awestruck, Shining Being witnessed, Ultimate, Primordial Love Sacrifice of the Most Pure and Holy Daughter. She literally gave Herself to us. And, She never left us. She stayed.

The ancient Romans/Greeks had a day/period of lustration.
I feel this idea is very fitting for female Deanic clergy and devotees. Many ancient religions held rites of Purification, modern religions do, as well, in the form of baptism, Mikvahs and other purification rites.

Purification baths are inherently feminine in nature. Water is feminine and powerful. It is a carrier of information and energy.

Madria Candra is the Mistress of Purity, the Guardian of Spirit and Ruler of Moura and so it is quite fitting that
Lustration would occur during the Sacred Month over which She rules.


Janites practice the ancient rite of lustration / purification (salts and oils based upon frankincense, a symbol of Her priestess role – for the Holy Daughter and myrrh as one of the substances used in the purification of women would be appropriate) and veil in solemn honor of the Divine Mystery: Her Descent and Shattering on 28 Moura / March 19 (March 18 on a leap year). Also in preparation for the symbolic sharing of the life-giving Soul of the Holy Daughter on Eastre.

Frankincense flowers are 5 petaled just like one of our Seven Great Symbols of Our Faith, the Rose of Joy. The Frankincense flower petals symbolise to me Divine Spirit suffused through the four elements: water, fire, earth and air of the manifest realms.

This is one day that I think a fast might be considered, but never mandatory. Fasting comes in different modes. [See my notes below].

May the Queen of Heaven, She Who is the Divine Shattered One; She Who is the Holy Soul of the World; She Who is the Queen of Heaven, bless you and be with you. Blessed is She.

ArchMadria Pamela Lanides
[ Sorella Sophia, I fast overnight and eat breakfast / a snack when I am hungry.

1. A Full Fast – These fasts are complete – no food and no drink.

2. A Regular Fast – Traditionally, a regular fast means refraining from eating all food. Most people still drink water or juice during a regular fast.

3. A Partial Fast – This type of fast generally refers to omitting a specific meal from your diet or refraining from certain types of foods.

Here are some types:

A. Overnight is a full fast for women of 14 hours and for men of 16 hours. If your last meal is at 8pm tonight, you wouldn’t eat again until 10am (women) or 12pm (men) tomorrow. This method generally means you’ll be skipping breakfast.

B. Warrior is a regular fast for about 20 hours during the day and eat one large meal at night within the 4 hour feeding time. During the fasting part of the day, you can consume a few servings of raw fruits and vegetables, fresh fruit/veggie juices, and a few servings of protein (protein shake, some nuts, boiled eggs, etc) if desired. These are kept quite small.]


To do and purchase
Kuumba Made Frankincense & Myrrh Organic Bath & Body Oil


28 Moura / 19 March A Somber Sunday 2017

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Moura Fora Purple

It is the day when we commemorate the Divine Shattering of the Soul of the Holy Daughter.

Even though it is Sunnadi, there should be no liturgy or Rite of Sacrifice served. It is a somber, quiet day. We should be mindful of the suffering that the Holy Daughter endured during Her painful Descent down through the realms. We should contemplate Her Sacrificial Shattering which gave us our souls.


For all of us, even those who might have to work,  there should be time spent in the reading of scripture, quiet meditation and prayer. We should also veil (even if it is simply a wide headband/Alice band or a bandana scarf, which, I didn’t realize there was such a variety of styles until I did an image search of them! ).

ArchMadria Pamela Lanides

28 Moura / 19 March – Thoughts on the Divine Shattering by Madria Erin of Auroran Tradition

The last day of the sacred season and month of Moura the 28th (19th March) is The Sacrifice of the Holy Daughter.

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Mother of the World miniature by Geoffrey Hodson


…the last day of the Deanic/Filianic year and an important event in the Cosmic Drama that is unfolding at all times. It is the day the Princess of Heaven descends in to the lowest realms of manifestation, in order to bring the light of the Celestial Mother to all Her children.

The word ‘lightbringer’ has negative connotations in Christianity, I believe, because it was often used in connection with Lucifer. But to Dea-nists, the Lightbringer is the Daughter. She descends through the seven gates, literally shattering her soul as She does so, experiencing EVERY awful thing any living being will ever go through… all at once. This is why we say God the Daughter is imminent. She is literally present, at all times, because of this descent. She understands everything we experience because She goes through it with us.


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“She was scared
Lost in the dark.
Falling Apart,
I can survive,
With you by my side.
We’re gonna be alright.
This is what happens when two worlds collide.”
– Two Worlds Collide by Demi Lovato, a cheesy pop song from my tween years, about friendship.


I am writing this with tears in my eyes. Tears of happiness, sadness, and raw spiritual emotion.

I was just reading through ArchMadria Pamela’s most recent post about the Holy Daughter as the Mother of our souls, and found myself understanding deeply every single word. Because what she spoke of in that article, I have experienced.

The post talks about the beautiful implications of the thealogy of the Holy Daughter. Until the work done by the Janite Order of Priestesses to uncover and explain what I call ‘the Divine Shattering’, I understood the Holy Daughter in a way more similar to the goddess Inanna or Jesus Christ- a deity who corrects a wrong by descending, dying and resurrecting. While I still see the value in this understanding, I much prefer the understanding of the Daughter from the Janite perspective: that the Daughter descended, shattered her own perfect Soul in to pieces to save us, which causes a lot of pain for Her. She experiences every heartbreak, every illness, every affliction with us. She understands us on a level beyond human comprehension. Kwan Yin, a Bodhisattva of some Buddhist traditions, is known as ‘She who hears the cries of the world’. Those words say it all.


Something else, something rather unorthodox, helped me better understand this thealogy.

Now, I am a huge nerd. I have also mentioned in the past about how sci-fi (particularly space opera) and fantasy is often a boon for my faith, and vice versa. An unlikely pair, but the two are deeply intertwined for me. These genres have heroes, overcoming odds, liberation, and often the characters will cite their belief in God(s) or other forces of the Universe as the reason for their strength.

My favourite video game, Mass Effect, is a space opera role playing game centred around a space commander named Shepard and his/her crew, who go against odds to fight dark forces at play in the Milky Way Galaxy. It has aliens, love, and, at least in my head, religious allegories. Spoiler alert! In the end of the video game trilogy, the Commander is given three choices on how to deal with the threat to the galaxy, a race of sentient machines called Reapers, who seek to destroy all advanced life. Shepard can choose to a) take control of the Reapers, essentially stealing their power and using it for good and watch over the galaxy from afar (her physical body dying in the process), b) destroy the Reapers but also destroy friendly AI in the process, or c) break down her own essence and have it be used as a catalyst for a new formula, in which organic beings and machines live in harmony (her physical body dying in the process).

The way I saw it, these three endings could each represent a ‘saviour’ deity. Control option represents Inanna. In the classic Inanna myth, she takes control of the powers of Hell, stealing them from her sister Ereshkigal, the Dark Queen. Quote from this ending: “Your corporeal form will be dissolved. But your thoughts and even your memories will continue. You will no longer be organic. Your connection to your kind will be lost. Although you will remain aware of their existence.” 

The Destroy option doesn’t really have a religious counterpart, but I would compare it to how Christians view the second coming of Christ: he will, point blank, put an end to the forces of darkness once and for all.

However, the Synthesis ending, to me, represents our understanding of the Holy Daughter. Shepard gives her own essence and that is used to create a new framework in which organic beings and synthetic beings become one. This reminded me of how Dea, in the form of the Holy Daughter, gave us Her own soul so that while we remain mortal, we each share in Her divinity, as well. Quote from this ending: “Your organic energy. The essence of who and what you are, will be broken down and then dispersed.” I feel …the Janite Deanic and my Deanic understanding is similar to the Synthesis ending. We are synthesised with the Daughter and with one another.

But I digress. The point is, that we believe the Holy Daughter is imminent not because She is the Earth like may Pagans believe, but because we literally share a soul with Her. And so, not only is She the Mother of our Souls, the Queen of Heaven and our Saviour, She is also the perfect best friend.

As most of you reading this will be well aware of by now, I suffer from clinical depression, anxiety and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I have also recently developed a condition called Labyrinthitis which affects my balance, and I can not walk a short distance without feeling dizzy and having to sit down.  This was particularly awful tonight, and combined one of my typical depressive episodes, and feelings of extreme loneliness and isolation, I felt extremely low.

A common sentiment amongst people with depression is a feeling that nobody understands us. I have often felt frustrated that I couldn’t put in to words how I was feeling when talking about it to other people, because they don’t know the inner workings of my mind and heart. Yet, Dea Filia does, because everything we ‘go through’, she goes through with us. This makes Her the perfect ‘best friend’. Many a time I have prayed to Her using not so many words. Rather than explaining to Her exactly how I feel in words, I say ‘Most Holy Anna, I know you know what I’m going through, so please just give me the strength to fight another day, and hold me.” And, just like that, I can feel Her arms around me, comforting me.

Any time we need a hug, any time we need to be reminded that we are not alone, and that our feelings are valid and understood, we can call on Her. A God that is not only a Mother and a Queen but a Best Friend, is one that I am SO proud and so blessed to worship.

In the name of the Heavenly Mother, the Holy Daughter, and the Great Mother, thus may it remain.

Madria Erin

Rite of Sacrifice (Offering) for the Spirit Full Moon


Wooden Fora of Faith, Dea candle holder heart shaped 1930s glass and Janya holder wing shaped 1930s glass
Altar for Spirit Full Moon Rite of Sacrifice (meaning Offering)
Close up , no Moura Fora of Faith cloth as yet




plus private correspondence with ArchMadria Pamela Lanides


The Great Liturgy and the Rite of Sacrifice, the original versions of which we have received from the Madrians, are written as basic rituals. They may be served as is or with the addition of other rituals, hymns, poetry, meditation, sacred dance, seasonal writings, divination, a litany, a canticle and other prayers, etc. There is a plethora of seasonal and full moon-related prayers and poems on the internet and there are a lot of great ideas to be found in books on the Wheel of the Year.

The altar cloth should be the color of the Season (Moura is purple or violet). The candles may be either the color of the Season or white.

I prefer to allow our JOP members to be self-expressive in altar set up.

When serving a private liturgy or Rite of Sacrifice, it is not necessary to dress in formal robes, but we should be wearing a skirt or dress and definitely, we should be veiled (chapel veil, mantilla or scarf).

Normally, on Full Moon nights, priestesses and deaconesses will serve the Rite of Sacrifice, but where today is Sunnadi, we will serve the liturgy. Please keep in mind that the weekly liturgy may be served on Foradi, in honor of the Great Mother, on Sunnadi, in honor of the Celestial Mother or on Lunadi, in honor of the Holy Daughter. The choice is up to the individual priestess/deaconess.

Members of the Sisterhood may serve the RoS on the Full Moons and on the Trinity days (Foradi/Sunnadi/Lunadi) if they so desire, although the latter is not mandatory. It would be nice if the RoS is served by the members of the Sisterhood at least on the Full Moons. Exceptions may be made for the members of the Iremian Order who have difficulty with these types of rituals. In that case, they may compose their own prayers, hymns or a more natural method of worship.

Our edition of the Rite of Sacrifice is very close to the original, as found in the Sacred Myths and Rites of the Madrians, with Janite additions and adaptations. It may be celebrated either as a solitary rite or for a family or a group. In a group or family setting, the celebrant should be female, if possible.

Though it is the Full Moon, please use the Preface of the Great Mother/Dark Moon in ritual.



Clean yourself, get dressed in modest clothing and cover your head.

Blessing hand is the right hand, we hold the thumb and first two fingers of the right hand together, symbolizing the Holy Trinity.

Holy Water
Begin by making holy water if you do not already have some on hand. It’s best to use a natural, flowing water. Sources for such water are rivers, lakes, brooks and underground springs. I keep extra on hand in a large mason jar. You also need sea salt or kosher salt.

Pour some salt in your left hand. With your right hand, hold the thumb and first two fingers together (this is the Blessing Hand). Trace the Fora over the salt and say: May this salt be blessed, in the Name of the Mother, and of the Daughter, and of the Great Mother.  Iot ‘E Voh. Then, with your right hand, take three pinches of salt and pour them into the bowl of water. Pour any remaining salt along the inside of your threshold as a blessing and protection of the home.

With wand or finger, stir the water three times clockwise. Form Blessing Hand and trace the Fora over the water while saying: May this water be blessed in the Name of the Mother, (trace Fora a second time), and of the Daughter, (trace Fora a third time) and of the Great Mother. Blessed is She. Iot ‘E Voh.


Holy oil is made up of either extra virgin olive oil, almond oil or jojoba oil. To that, you had some drops of a pure essential oil. (And it has to be a pure oil, not synthetic.). It can be any essential oil that we would deem sacred:
Usually Rose for the Celestial Mother
or Red Sandalwood, Ambergris, Musk, Honeysuckle, Benzoi, Verbena, Vanillin, Myrtle, Patchouli or Calamus.
Usually Frankincense for the Holy Daughter
or White Sandalwood, Camphor, Copal, Jasmine, Eucalyptus, Menthol or Rosemary.

Also applicable to incense.

The oil should be poured into a small brown glass bottle with a cap.
Shake the bottle so the oils can mix. Then, open it back up and trace the Fora over the bottle while saying: May this oil be blessed, in the Name of the Mother, (trace Fora a second time), and of the Daughter, (trace Fora a third time) and of the Great Mother. Blessed is She. Iot ‘E Voh.

For the blessing and consecration of objects
The Blessing Rite

An inspired reading, hymns, the scriptures, Sophian or Persephone related hymns, or seasonal or moon poetry to be chosen in advance.


Minimum Altar Setup:

Table or altar placed in the East. The spiritual head of the household, performing the Rite, faces East unless otherwise indicated.

1. One image of Dea [I use a symbol]

2. One candle (flame or electric) [Yes]

3. Incense (for those who are not allergic) [No]

4. Holy water in a Libation bowl. [Yes, an ordinary bowl – object blessed]

5. Holy oil [No]

6. Chalice which is the sacred glass for the white wine or white grape juice (unfermented wine).
No red wine, the wine represents the Spirit, not blood.

Usually, if serving a solitary ritual, do not fill the Chalice with wine. Pour in enough to take three good sips, before the Rite.

7. Patene’ which is the sacred plate for the bread.
In Janite Tradition, the bread represents the Soul, not the Body.

For the white bread (not brown) , take a round cookie cutter or a glass and cut a round piece out of the white loaf and place that on the patene’. Of course, for a group setting, this would be different.

Either the almond cookies (for which A.M. Pamela can supply the recipe in the future…if interested please email me) or fresh bread may be used.

Both the bread and wine are transfused during the liturgy. During the Rite of Sacrifice, they are blessed by Dea.

[Yes to 6 and 7]

I also have

A Janyati candlestick
A Dea candlestick
2 silver coloured metal candlesticks
A small flower vase
Ritual symbolic jewellery


C is the Celebrant.

H is the Handmaiden / server.

They are the lay counterparts to the priestess and deaconess.


The Rite of Sacrifice

But we will certainly do every word that shall proceed out of our own mouth, to sacrifice to the Queen of Heaven, and to pour out drink offerings to Her, as we and our fathers have done, our kings, and our princes in the cities of Judah, and in the streets of Jerusalem: and we were filled with bread, and it was well with us, and we saw no evil. (Jer. 44:17)

Celebrant: Dip fingers in holy water, trace Fora and say: )

In the Name of the Mother and of the Daughter and of the Great Mother. Blessed is She.

C: (and H if there is one present) may also anoint their foreheads and altar with holy oil by tracing the Fora on both with blessing hand.


Blessed is Our Mother God, the Holy One,

She Who is the Celestial Mother,

She Who is the Holy Daughter,

She Who is the Great Mother,

Blessed is She.


C: O, Veiled Cosmic Origin, You Who are the Great Life, Source and Force,

A: Inspire us with Your Wisdom.


C/H Let us seek sanctuary of the Janati of the fourfold Earth and of the Three-fold Heaven, that no harmful thing may come between ourselves and our devotion.

C: O, Most Holy Janati, in the most sacred Name of She that we are come to honor


(The Sacred Name of Power, IHV by saying the He with the outbreath, it is breathed rather than pronounced. It may also be pronounced Yot ‘E Voh.

In The Coming Age Issue 1, Winter 1975: The Symbolism of The Sacred Names Article: “Iot ‘E Vo (IVH) is the primordial name of Deity. The symbolism of the letters represents in order the three Persons of the Trinity – Iot is always the first principle or primal urge, thus in its most sublime sense it is the unknowable Dark Mother – Absolute Deity, before time and before space, from Whom all manifestation proceeds. ‘E the aspirate or ‘breathing’ of the Ancient Greeks represents the breath or Spirit of Deity (in both Greek and Hebrew the word for breath and spirit is the same: Pneuma in Greek, Ruach in Hebrew); the [Celestial] Mother and Creator of the universe. Vo is the letter of [sacrifice] and is as such it represents the Daughter.”)

(all trace the Fora upon themselves and bow
Bowing may be performed in any one of three ways:

1. Crossing hands over heart chakra with right hand over the left and bowing. (I especially used this pose after I have received communion).
2. Folding hands together, placing the tips of the fingers on chin and bowing. (I tend to use this pose when I am greeting the Janati.)
3. Or hands folded, tips of fingers touching forehead and bowing.)

In the Name of the Mother

And of the Daughter

And of  the Great Mother,

Dark beyond the light

And Light beyond the darkness;

We entreat you that your vigilance shall keep our service pure.

(C: turns to each quarter, tracing in the air, each time, the sign of the Fora  while saying)

O, Madria Grace, Guardian of East and Water, may there be peace, be with us.

O, Madria Vicka, Guardian of South and Fire, may there be peace, be with us.

O, Madria Thema, Guardian of West and Earth, may there be peace, be with us.

O, Madria Sofia, Guardian of North and Air, may there be peace, be with us.

O, Madria Candre, Madria Theia and Madria Rhea, Guardians of Spirit and Center, may there be peace,  be with us.


C: Madria Dea,

Star of the Shimmering Depths, look upon us.

Light of the nocturnal heavens, Protector of the running deer

And of all free spirits, O, hear us.

We are come to celebrate Your resplendent purity and to solemnly devote ourselves to Your service. Mistress of the Silver-Helmed wave, come among us.

C/H Let us confess together our belief in that which alone is true.



All (stand)

I believe that I am created from before the dawn of time

by the Eternal One, Madria Dea;

I believe that She is One

and that She is also Three.


I believe in the Mother, She Who is Pure Light;

the Creator of the Earth and of the Heavens,

and of all the infinite Cosmos.


And I believe in Her Holy Daughter, born of the Holy Mother;

She Who rules all the energies of Creation,

Whose Nature is Perfect Love.


And I believe that there is She, Who stands beyond these Two,

Whose Name has not been spoken on this Earth;

for She is the Beginning and the End,

the First Principle and the Final Cause,

the unoriginated Origin of Being;

the Great Mother of all that is and all that is not;


I believe in the Seven Janati, the Seven Great Powers of Dea. I believe that

they are the Living Streams of Virtue who flow from the Mother and

that together, these Living Streams form the River of Life.


I believe that through the Holy Daughter, we are assumed to Eternal Communion with the Eternal One, Madria Dea, in the Completion of the Wholeness of Her Will.


C/H: Let us, who are true believers, receive into our hearts, the words of Our Lady.

(Scripture or Sacred Text reading)

One suggestion for scripture reading during Moura is The Secret of the World. It is an important reminder that we are not perfect and we must always strive to grow closer to Our Lady and not further away from Her.

Free download:
(with thanks to Glenn King)

July 2012
The Filianic Scriptures, New Celestial Union
Version (Second Edition, Third Update)

26 Verses
Title 3, Chapter 4
Filianic Texts, or the collected sayings of the Daughter of Thea

Teachings of Di-Jana

The Secret of the World

The world is never perfect, and even the most beautiful is riven with kear. The Secret of the World teaches a path of liberation from the imperfection and illusions of this present world.

1. My children, whose souls are My family, I shall speak to you of the things that I have seen. Let no one say that the world is good, nor that the world is evil. 2. For I have stood at the highest point of the world and at the lowest; and from both of these can the world be seen, and from no other. 3. The cosmos is a perfect sphere, even lovelier than the sun, and yet it is all riven through with kear. 4. All that is was fashioned by My Mother out of the laughter of Her heart and the skill of Her hands, and all that is very good, more than any soul can know.
5. But kear is not. Kear is naught. Kear is the black abyss that has turned its face from My Mother and has frowned upon the laughter of Her heart. 6. This abyss of kear lies between the world and My Mother, and every soul and She. For every soul is an image of the world.

[I reject verse 7, as I do not believe in a sacrificial death of the Holy World Soul, Immanent God; Di Jana].

8. and My soul has cried out in her distress; cried out into the echoless void. Truly, there is no suffering like to this suffering, nor any pain of body or of mind. 9. And you, My children, each of you that gathers around Me, each of you in your robe of purest white, each one has this kear within her, and there is not one without it anywhere.  10. For you have also turned from My Mother; each one of you, though remembrance has not potency through the tread of time, has frowned also on the laughter of Her heart.
11. And your souls, your laughing souls, all robed in purest white, that are lovelier than the sun because they are the image of My Mother, are riven through with kear. 12. And your dearest joy must ring as a silver bell that has a crack; sweetly, but never in perfection. 13. Oh, do not say that you are perfect, for then you can not understand either the world or your own selves. 14. Do not say that you are innocent, for that would be to mock My suffering. 15. For I love each of you, and I have proved My love, and shall prove it evermore. 16. For I have conquered death and kear, and I bring to you My conquest. 17. Open your heart to Me, and I shall bring you all the fruit that have reaped in sorrow.
18. Seek not to conquer kear alone nor cleave alone to good, but open your heart to Me,
and let Me live through you, for I shall open the way to your true soul, your laughing soul, all robed in white even lovelier than the sun; and through My suffering she shall be purified. [I have replaced death with suffering see rejection of verse 7].
19. Turn from the evil of the world and come to Me, and I shall lead you to your heart’s true home.
20. Come to Me, My children, in the innocence of your hearts, and look upon the beauty of the world; for everything reflects the glory of Thea. 21. Do not see the world through the eyes of the world, but through the eyes of the Eternal. 22. Know also that the world is not so solid as it seems, but in truth it is an illusion.
23. Change that within you and the world without will change. But seek to change the world, and all of essence will remain the same.
24. And this is the secret of the world which the world would hide from you: that all things lie within the souls of maids, and only the Thea is without.

25. For in order to gain the world, you must give the world away; and in order to attain your desire, you must pass beyond all desire; and in order to find yourself, you must lose yourself; and in order to have eternal life, you must go unto death [Death means the transition from one state to another on the turning wheel of Werde. I reject the end of the sentence see rejection of verse 7]. 26. And this is the secret of the world which all the world will hide from you.

Kear:  A crack or flaw, the chasm or abyss that lies between Dea and each soul which opened when we chose to experience material manifestation.



Silver Star of the Waters, Who has fashioned all the world into being, beyond all knowing is the Splendour of Your Light. Enfold my spirit, within your Mighty Mantle and may the Pure Stream of Your Grace flow within me, in this world and in all the worlds to come. Blessed is She.

(Each time we ask the blessing of Our Lady over the gifts, we trace the Fora over the gifts. We Trace the Fora over the chalice and over the patene’. This is indicated by a +.)

Madria Dea, we pray that You will Bless  + the gifts we bring to You, for we bring them not only in our own names, but for all who love You; may they be nourished and grow strong in Your true devotion.

Beloved Kyria, we bring these gifts for Your blessing + in the name of Holy Ekklesia, who has gathered all of Your children into one [Soul], knowing no bounds of either time or space.

For we know that Ekklesia transcends this world, even as this sacred altar transcends the earthly stuff of which its parts are made. We know that as we stand before this altar within Ekklesia, we stand at once before Your Celestial Altar, which is both in Heaven and in every place where Your children come together in Your Name.

C: Holds the Sacrifice (bread) in the smoke of incense [or candle] with both hands.

C: We know that there is but one Sacrifice made by all Your children in every place, eternally. Bless + this gift, that we may take part in that one Sacrifice.

(All kneel on one knee. C bows her head.)



C: Places Sacrifice (bread) back on Patene’ (plate).

C: Mother of all that is, accept the gift Your children bring to You.

(All rise. C; lifts the Chalice in her left hand and traces the Fora over it with her right)

C: Let us offer libation to Dea.

She dips two fingertips into the wine and sprinkles a few drops onto the sacrifice. The action is repeated three times. She then traces the Fora, again. (The Bread of Sacrifice may either be safely burned as an offering or placed outside on the ground after the Rite is over with the words, ‘ Return to Mother Nature’ .)

C: Madria Dea, as we drink of the one cup, may Your Divine Spirit be infused within our being.

(The Chalice is passed to all. All drink. If a handmaid (server) is present, she serves them, afterwards drinking, herself. The celebrant drinks last.)

CONTEMPLATION (The celebrant may give food for contemplation, speak about the Mysteries of the season, spiritual truths, etc.)

C/H: Let us kneel before this altar that is both upon Earth and in the Heaven.

(All kneel except C and close eyes).

C: Let us consider that the earthly things we see about us are but illusion and that could we see with clearer eyes, a more glorious vision would appear before us.

Let us feel the Spirit of Dea, as it grows within us and seek to catch a glimpse of that vision.

(C kneels. During Contemplation, certain meditations may be spoken, including the following usual for full moons):

NOT suitable for Moura

[C: Great Dove of the Waters,

Fiery Rose of Heaven,

Help us to aspire to the heart of the flame.

C: You are the Music of the Spheres,

You are the Meaning of all words,

You are the end of every road and also its beginning.

Help us to know you.]

(This may be a time for silent meditation or the celebrant may give a brief sermon for contemplation, speak about the Mysteries of the Season, spiritual truths, etc. Or hymns, meditation, rituals, sacred dance, poetry, etc.)

I said

Fora symbol articles and prayer


(C: traces the Fora three times, once at each blessing as indicated +)


+ May the blessing of the Mother be upon you and upon this world.

+ May the blessing of the Daughter be upon you and upon this world.

+ May the blessing of the Great Mother be upon you and upon this world.

Dark beyond the Light and Light beyond the Darkness.


Beloved Kyria, we pray that you will bless us on our parting from Your Temple and infuse us with Your delight, so far as we are able to contain it.


Silver Light of the darkling forests, send us forth in the protection of Your Spirit that no profane thing may enter into us.

Grant us to see all things with delight that are lovely and to glory and increase in force and energy.

Fill us with wonder in the sight of the seas and of the heavens and of every place wherein You are.

Commander of the roaring wave, help us to turn from all that is low or inglorious neither with anger nor with pain, but to know that in You we stand above all such things.

Guiding Light of the faithful soul, fill the deepest caverns of our spirit with the exhilaration of Your love. Send us forth upon the world as torchbearers of Your delight and grant us strength in You and in ourselves that we may value all things rightly, regardless of the consuming weight of the profane and the frailty of all that is beautiful.

C: (Makes the sign of the Fora and says)

In the Name of the Mother

And of the Daughter

And of the Great Mother.

Blessed is She.

C: Raise arms, palms facing upward and say:

Let us bless the Holy One.

Blessed is She.

C: Fold hands and say:

Let us thank the Seven Janati of Power.

Thanks be to the Seven Janati.

Thus may it remain. (Bows).



    • We believe that like Sophia/Shekinah, the Holy Daughter suffered a Descent through the Realms in order to become the World Soul or Soul of the World, the Soul of humanity. By taking on rarefied Form, She becomes Soul. In giving Herself to us in this Earthly state of density and isolation, She, as the World Soul, becomes shattered. Thus, She represents the ultimate archetype of selfless sacrifice.

    Just as the soul allows for the opposites of body and spirit to unite, so too does the Shekinah play this role for us.  Indeed, the Shekinah is the Soul of Man, what Kabbalists call the Neshamah, for She has given a portion of Herself in order for each human to come into being in this world.  In giving of Herself to humans, in this state of physical density and isolation, the World Soul becomes shattered. This shattering can be metaphorically grasped in considering what might happen to a glass alembic or flask when too much pressure is put upon in the alchemical works.  Thus, the Shekinah represents the ultimate archetype of selfless sacrifice.  All Her sacrifices have been for the benefit of creation so that humankind may experience this life in order to fulfill its destiny and purpose.


With thanks to
in Bucharest, Romania

White Star
Material: cotton
handmade crocheted doily.
diameter 10.23 inch/26 cm

Travel Altars by Sorella Shoshana and ArchMadria Kathi


Many devotees, of certain religious traditions such as Orthodox Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and Wicca carry portable altars or shrines with them whenever they travel or take a trip or vacation. Traditional Catholics might bring along a statue of Mary and a crucifix along with their missals and rosary beads. Here are some examples:

Orthodox Christians have an home shrine called an Icon Corner. And so, some Orthodox Christians might carry a foldable Triptych such as this one from Holy Trinity Store, (please note, prices on Triptychs vary widely):

Orthodox Christian Icon Corner
Orthodox Christian Icon Corner

There are all kinds of beautiful Buddhist travel altars:

Buddist Travel Altar
Buddhist Travel Altar

Hindu travel altars vary widely from a small tin size or a bit more elaborate:

Hindu Altar Tin

Hindu Altar Tin

Hindu Altar Box
Hindu Altar Box

Wiccan altars also vary from small tin sizes to the larger altars:

Wiccan Altar 1

Wiccan Altar 2

Sorella Shoshana:

Our own Sorella Shoshana of the Iremian Janite Order of Priestesses and Sisterhood has fashioned her own unique Deanic travel altar.

Sorella Shoshana Deanic Travel Altar 1
Sorella Shoshana Deanic Travel Altar 1
Sorella Shoshana Deanic Travel Altar 2
Sorella Shoshana Deanic Travel Altar 2

Here, Sorella Shoshana is using electric candles for the health and safety of her bird, Lyric.

I believe that boxes like these may be found in most major craft stores. They can be painted or varnished according to taste. Priestesses might add a small chalice and plate (patene’) if liturgy is to be served.

Of course, it’s nice to carry along the scriptures, too. Where I pray the rosary, I always carry my rosary beads in my purse.

Thank you, Sorella Shoshana for such an inspiring idea. Your travel altar is beautiful!

ArchMadria Pamela Lanides

Travel Altars


ArchMadria Kathi:

In reference to our past article on travel altars, I would like to share some travel altar and Janati mandala photos sent in by ArchMadria Kathi:

Travel Altar, closed:

ArchMadria Kathi Deanic Travel Altar Closed

Travel Altar, open:

ArchMadria Kathi Deanic Travel Altar Open

Janati Mandala:

ArchMadria Kathi Deanic Janati Mandala

Thank you, ArchMadria Kathi. Truly lovely and inspiring!

ArchMadria Pamela Lanides


I am still gathering items for my home altar.
Which I have to pack away after a ritual.
But I have been so inspired by these 2 Deanic travel altars, I could take photographs of my large crocheted altar cloths and large wooden 5 Sacred Symbols to line my travel altar box. The mirror underneath the candle is a good idea too.
Sophia Ruth

The Feast of the Trinitarian Janati

Extracts from


Our Lady Wisdom has Seven Faces, Seven Powers, Seven Living Streams. Today, we celebrate and honor three of Them.

small Icon of the Mother of God “Shroud” 2013 by Valentina Murenkova
Icon of the Mother of God “Shroud” 2013 by Valentina Murenkova


Madria Theia is the Face and Power of Dea Madria, our Divine Celestial Mother God. She, like the Holy Mother, is Brilliant Light. She is the Power of the Supernal Sun. She is Illumination and She illumines. She is all Joy with the promise of Eternal Bliss. Heaven shines through Her; its rays touch us, lightly. She is our Sun and our family’s Sun. She is the Light and Center of our life. She is the Power of Light. She is the Face of Radiance. She is the Divine Prism of the Resplendence of the Mother. She is with us every day and in every way. The charge of Madria Theia, is that we emit joy from our hearts in our every day lives and mindfully strive to live a joy-filled day. When we radiate joy, we become joy.

We are the reflection of the Sun of Dea on Earth.

On Sunnadi, we honor Madria Theia and practice Her Virtues.

Sophia goddess of wisdom with chalice

Madria Candra is the Face and Power of the Holy Daughter. She is the Reflection of Her Purity and She imparts to us, the Holy Daughter’s Reason. She is the Power of Priestesshood and She is the Mistress of Priestesses. Silver rays fall from Her hands, imbuing the soul of the priestess, the deaconess, the sister, with the secrets of the Mystery, that which is intuited by the feminine heart, but cannot be put into words. The Moonlit magick that is not spells, but Nature and Pure. That which draws us to the Moon and is tied to Water. That which fill us and overflows us, within and without, is that which only our souls can understand. We are Her handmaidens. The charge of Madria Candra is that we always remember, are always mindful of who we are and how we have been marked, in Her service, with every step we tread; with every act we make; and with every word we speak. As priestesses, deaconesses and sisters, we look to Madria Candra as our mentor. In the Priestesshood, we are Her handmaidens who channel the Holy Daughter through liturgy and grace.

We are a reflection of the Moon of Dea on Earth.

On Lunadi, we honor Her and practice Her Virtues.


Madria Rhea is the Face and Power of the Great Mother. She, like the Great Mother, is Dark beyond the light and Light beyond the Darkness. (From our liturgies.) She is a Reflection of Mystery, Mysteria, She Who is the Great Mother. And yet, She is not distant; She is not unapproachable. In fact, She is the closest one, in a way. The Grandmother. The One Who loves you unconditionally and with Whom you feel the most comfortable. She is so Ancient, it is hard to fathom Her in your young eyes and mind, and yet, Her Great Maternal love envelops you and encompasses you. It’s OK that you don’t understand Her; She understands you. Do not fear to approach Her, She Who is the Ancient of Days, the Time before Dawn. Her planet, Saturn, means ‘to sow’. [Derivation from Latin serere (past participle satus) “to sow” is said to be folk-etymology.] She is the Beginning; She is the Gardener; She sows the Seeds of Life, the Sacred Apple Seeds of all the Living. These Seeds take root in the Garden of All Being, the Holy Mother, the Matrix of Life. The Seed is given birth and is enveloped in a Soul by the Holy Daughter. Madria Rhea is the Great Mother’s Face, Her Power. She is our very beginning. She knows us more intimately than we know ourselves. She is not destruction; She is Life. Destruction is a natural part of physical life, but it has no reality in the Realm beyond this realm. Life, though, life is eternal.

We are a reflection of the Saturn of Dea on Earth.

On Foradi, we honor Her and practice Her Virtues.


Let us bless the Holy One.

Blessed is She.

Let us bless Madria Theia, Madria Candra and Madria Rhea.

Blessed be Madria Theia, Madria Candra and Madria Rhea.

Blessings and thanksgivings be.

Let us bless the Janati of the Four-fold Earth.

Blessed be the Janati of the Four-fold Earth.


ArchMadria Pamela Lanides

A wealth of information on the Fora by ArchMatrona Ghrian

Scottish Agate and Crystal Celtic Cross Brooch
Scottish Agate and Crystal Celtic Cross Brooch

Although the two words are spelled alike and sound alike, it is my understanding that the word “fora”, used to describe the main symbol of the Deanic faiths, is not related, etymologically, to the other word “fora”, the plural of “forum”. The word “fora” used to mean a Deanic symbol is said to have been derived from an ancient Mother Tongue. Whereas, the other word “fora” is known to have been derived from Middle English via Latin.

The Latin word “fora” is the plural form of “forum”. The Latin word “fora” means “marketplaces” or “public spaces” and has been extended to include the idea of “discussion boards”.

The ancient Mother Tongue word “fora” means “foundation” or “fundamental” because it is a symbol of the “foundational form” or “fundamental pattern” of the “foundational-fundamental principle of the Cosmos”.

The Mother Tongue word “fora” refers to a symbol made up of an equal-armed cross with horizontal and vertical bars surrounded by a circle, with the arms/bars of the cross originating in the middle, and reaching beyond the circle. The Center point, where the arms/bars originate, and from which they extend, is symbolic of (among other things) the Supernal Sun (Heart-Source-Origin), Dea, Herself. Therefore, the Deanic “fora” represents the Supernal Solar System.

The Center Point is, also, at the same time, symbolic or Dea, as The Sacred Mountain, The Holy City, The Holy Palace, The Fountain of Life, and/or the Tree of Life in the Center of the Sacred Garden of Avila (a Celtic word meaning “Apple Orchard” and referring to the Celtic “Other World” from which All Life originated, and to which all Life returns).

The arms of the “Fora” may be straight or curved (indicating a straight road, a curved road, a river or a growing plant).

celtic cross fleur-de lis hearts lapel pin
celtic cross fleur de lis hearts lapel pin

Example: One Deanic “Fora” design shows each of the four arms shaped as a “fleur de lis (“lily”). The different shaped arms indicates that there are many “forms” the “way/road/river” of “life” may take. The “four arms” represent the Four Earthly Geniae (Genetrices) of the Four Cardinal Directions, which Flow out from the Central Fountain of Dea, or Shine forth from the Central Light of Dea, and so forth. The Three Heavenly Geniae (Genetrices) are represented by 1) the “invisible” Central Point, 2) the space “within” the circle, and 3) the space “beyond” the circle.

The Circle is the “protective energy field” or “walls” surrounding the Sacred Mountain/City/Palace/Garden/Fountain/Tree. It is also the “sacred aureole-halo-nimbus emanating from the Holy Light of Dea Herself”.


ArchMatrona Ghrian

Oct 12, 2015