Sacred Calendar

Sacred Calendar

Sacred Hours, Days, Weeks, Months, Seasons, Year and a day.


Hours of the Day

The day is a Solar year in miniature.
Sunrise / dawn / morning is the Spring Equinox,
Di Jana, Great Mystery of the Dove, presided over by Janya Lady Grace

Noon / midday / afternoon is the Summer Solstice,
Mari, Great Mystery of the Rose, presided over by Janya Lady Vicka

Sunset / Twilight / evening is the Autumn Equinox,
Great Mother / Holy Trinity, Great Mystery of the Apple, presided over by Janya Lady Justina

Midnight / night is the Winter Solstice,
Di Jana, Great Mystery of the Star, presided over by Janya Lady Sofia

Someone has observed: “Interestingly the “equinoxes” of the day only fall precisely into the cross-formation of the year (i.e. equidistant between the “solstices”) on the year’s own equinoxes.”

The 13 months each have a time during the day

I have managed to allocate 2 hours to 11 months, 2 months Moura and Columbina have 1 hour each.
I personally find this useful spiritually, if for example I am continually being troubled at a certain hour of the day or waking at a certain hour of the night. I can contemplate the spiritual essence of the month and pray to Dea or an appropriate Janya.

Sunrise 5am – 6am: Columbina, March 21 – April 17
[Resurrection of all Manifestation, Restoration, Good Always Triumphs, Peace]

Early Morning 6am – 8am: Maia, April 18 – May 15
[Manifestation lived in Harmony, Order is Soul Path to Re-unification with Dea]

Late Morning 8am – 10am: Grace, May 16 – June 12
[Gifts from Dea, Virtuous Spiritual Life]

Noon / Midday 10am – 12pm: Rosa, June 13 – July 10
[Unconditional Love of Dea, Remembering & Nurturing Spirit in our Rose Heart Temple, Assumption of our Souls]

Early Afternoon 12pm – 2pm: Sunna, July 11 – August 7
[Illumination, Love, Motivation, Spiritual Growth]

Late Afternoon 2pm – 4pm: Ceres, August 8 – September 4
[Motherly Relationship between Dea and us, taking stock of Spiritual Harvest]

Early Evening 4pm – 6pm: Abalon, September 5 – October 2
[Trinity of Dea, Life, Spirit, Soul, Wisdom]

Mid Evening 6pm – 8pm: Ourania, October 3 – October 30
[Cosmic Order, Praying the Rosary, Spiritual Enrichment]

Late Evening 8pm – 10pm: Samhain, October 31 – November 27
[End of Life Lived in Spirit, Death, Soul Journeys]

Midnight 10pm – 12am: Astrea, November 28 – December 25
[Prayerful awaiting of the coming of the light of Di-Jana amidst deepening darkness]

Early Night 12am – 2am: Hestia, December 26 – January 22
[Di-Jana is immanent: Dea’s Light and Life and Love, human life designed as a way back to Dea]

Late Night 2am – 4am: Brighid (Pronounced BRIGG-id or BREE-id), January 23 – February 19
The darkest hour before Sunrise 4am – 5am: Moura, February 20 – March 19


Days of the Week

The seven sacred days reflect our seven Great Spiritual Symbols and our seven Janyati.

Sunday / Sunday – honouring the Celestial Mother as the Supernal Sun.
Sunnaday is presided over by the Janya, Lady Lucia, who is of the Threefold Heaven and who represents the Celestial Mother.
I will strive to emulate Lady Lucia, in Illumination, Generosity and Benevolence.

Moonday / Monday – honouring of the Holy Daughter as the Supernal Moon.
Moonday is presided over by Lady Candra who is also of the Threefold Heaven and who represents the Holy Daughter.
I will strive to emulate Lady Candra, in Reflection, Reason and Purity.

Roseday / Tuesday – honouring the Celestial Mother as the Fiery Rose of Heaven and the Rose of Joy.
Roseday is presided over by Lady Vicka. Lady Vicka is of the Fourfold Earth and is the Guardian of South and Fire. The Season of Summer.
I will strive to emulate Lady Vicka, in Courage, Strength and Valor.

Starday / Wednesday – honours the Holy Daughter as the Love and Divine Soul Form of the World. Diva Jana is the [North] Star of Hope and the [Pentacle] Midnight Star of Wonder.
Starday is presided over by Lady Sofia of the Fourfold Earth and is the Guardian of North and Air. The season of Winter.
I will strive to emulate Lady Sofia in Intelligence, Intuition and Wisdom.

Appleday / Thursday – honours the Great Mother / Holy Trinity as the Apple of Wisdom.
Appleday is presided over by Lady Justina of the Fourfold Earth. She is the Guardian of West and Earth. The season of Autumn.
I will strive to emulate Lady Justina in Justice, Order and Harmony.

Doveday / Friday – honours the Holy Daughter as the Great Dove of the Waters and the Dove of Peace.
Doveday is presided over by Lady Grace who is of the Fourfold Earth and is the Guardian of East and Water. The Season of Spring.
I will strive to emulate Lady Grace in Compassion, Love and Mercy.

Foraday / Saturday – honouring the Great Mother as the Life and Source of All Being. She is the Veiled Origin of Eternity.
Foraday is presided over by Lady Rhaya. Lady Rhaya is of the Threefold Heaven and who represents the Great Mother. (The month and season are different).
I will strive to emulate Lady Rhaya in Steadfastness, Discipline and Self-restraint.


Weeks of the Month

The lunar month is 4 weeks comprising 28 days.

Each week representing again the Solar year in miniature.
Crescent (waxing / growing) – Spring Equinox
Full Moon – Summer Solstice
Decrescent (waning / shrinking) – Autumn Equinox
Dark Moon – Winter Solstice


Months of the Year

Spring (Dove of Peace)

Columbina, which means, little dove:
1 Columbina / March 21 – 28 Columbina / April 17
Major Spring Equinox Festival
1 Columbina / March 21: New Year’s Day, Spring Season begins, Feast of the Dove
Seasonal Janya Festival
Tuesday 15 Columbina/April 4 2016: Feast of Lady Grace
Full Moon: Dove Moon.

Maia, which means majestic, magnificent, mighty:
1 Maia / April 18 – 28 Maia / May 15
First Cross Quarter Day
Maia’s Day 15th Maia / 1st May
Major Festival
23rd Maia / 10th May: Feast of Coronation / Exaltation of Di Jana as Queen of Heaven – Regina Coeli
Full Moon: Flower Moon.

Grace meaning Gifts from Dea and generosity of spirit in manifested beings
1 Grace / May 16 – 28 Grace / June 12
Full Moon: Grace Moon.


Summer (Rose of Joy)

Rosa, which means Rose:
1 Rosa / June 13 – 28 Rosa / July 10 Summer Season begins, Rose
Major Summer Solstice Festival
Monday 8th Rosa / June 20 2016: Feast of Rose of Heaven, Rosa Caeli
Seasonal Janya Festival
Monday 1st Rosa / June 13 2016: Feast of Lady Vicka
Full Moon: Rose Moon.

Sunna, German / Norse Sun Goddess:
1 Sunna / July 11 – 28 Sunna / August 7
2nd Cross Quarter Day
21 Sunna / 1 August 2016 Feast of Regeneration
Full Moon: Bright Moon.

Ceres, Roman Goddess of Corn which meant all grains. The word cereal stems from Ceres:
1 Ceres / August 8 – 28 Ceres / September 4
Tuesday 16 Ceres / 23 August 2016 Day of Moira / Werde
Sunday 28 Ceres / 4 September 2016 World Goddess Day
Full Moon: Abundant Moon.


Autumn (Apple of Wisdom)

Abalon, (aballo) an older Welsh Celtic form of Avalon which means Apple Land:
1 Abalon / September 5 – 28 Abalon / October 2 Autumn Season Begins, Apple
Seasonal Janya Festival
Monday 1st Abalon / September 5 2016: Feast of Lady Justina
Major Autumn Equinox Festival
Wednesday 17 Abalon / 21 September 2016 Feast of Divine Life
Full Moon: Apple Moon.

Ourania, Greek Goddess of astronomy and astrology. The word means Heavenly, Cosmic: in this case meaning Cosmic Order:
1 Ourania / October 3 – 28 Ourania / October 30
Full Moon: Heavenly Moon.
Our predecessors in our Faith, spent the “dark half” of the year, concentrating upon praying, meditating and saying the rosary.

Samhain, (pronounced Sa-Win or Sow-in) which means Summer’s End. (Note, the Celtic lands generally had two seasons, Winter and Summer.)
1 Samhain / October 31 – 28 Samhain / November 27
Monday 1st Samhain / 31st October 2016 Feast of Simovane (Feast of Ancestors)
Tuesday 2 Simovane / November 1st: Feast of Harvest’s End
Wednesday 3 Simovane / November 2nd: Feast of Darkfire
Full Moon: Ancestor Moon.

Winter ([North] Star of Hope and the [Pentacle] Midnight Star of Wonder)

Astrea, Greek Goddess Ἀστραῖα meaning “star-maiden” goddess of innocence and purity and is always associated with the Greek goddess of justice, Dike (personification of just judgement)  :
Seasonal Janya Festival

Tradition of the Sun Wheel seasonal candles
Please note that the Lucienne Tradition uses the Ostara Cycle in the lighting of the Sun Wheel while the Janite Tradition uses the Divine Life Cycle, but the basic meaning is the same.
Green Candle of Wisdom
Yellow Candle of Hope
Violet or Purple Candle of Faith
Blue Candle of Peace
Red Candle of Joy
up to
23 Astrea / December 20: Mother’s Night.

Major Winter Solstice Festival
24 Astrea / December 21: Yule: Daughter’s Day.
28 Astrea / December 25: Feast of the Star Maiden.
Full Moon: Star Maiden Moon.

Hestia, Greek Goddess. She was not worshipped publicly, which is evident by the lack of temples and shrines attributed to her; this comes in contrast to the Roman equivalent goddess Vesta, who represented the public hearth. Her name meant both a house and a hearth, symbolising the home and its residents. She also represented the coalition and relationship between the colonies and the mother cities.
1 Hestia / December 26 – 28 Hestia / January 22

12 Hestia/Jan. 6: Hearth Blessing
This is the day our hestias (sacred homes) are blessed and consecrated to Dea, Our Divine Mother God.

21 Hestia/Jan. 15: Feast of Carmentalia.

Full Moon: Hearth Moon.

Brighid: pronounced BRIGG-id or BREE-id, Celtic Goddess and saint meaning exalted one:
Jan. 23- Feb. 19
Full Moon: Bright Moon.

Moura (Fora of Faith) is both a Sacred Month and Sacred Season

Moura, Celtic & Latin meaning Dark, Spirit & Death:


The Hebrew, Jain, Buddhist, Hindu, Kurdish and Bengali calendars, as well as the traditional Chinese, Tibetan, Japanese, Vietnamese, Mongolian and Korean calendars (in the East Asian cultural sphere), plus the ancient Hellenic, Coligny, and Babylonian calendars are all lunisolar. Also, some of the ancient pre-Islamic calendars in South Arabia followed a lunisolar system.[1] The Chinese, Coligny and Hebrew[2] lunisolar calendars track more or less the tropical year whereas the Buddhist and Hindu lunisolar calendars track the sidereal year. Therefore, the first three give an idea of the seasons whereas the last two give an idea of the position among the constellations of the full moon. The Tibetan calendar was influenced by both the Chinese and Hindu calendars. The Germanic peoples also used a lunisolar calendar before their conversion to Christianity.