The Seven Great Janati

The seven Planetary streams or Powers represent the Essential bases of manifestation. That is, what things inwardly are, rather than how they happen to be manifest in physical matter (which is all that modern science can consider). They represent the Essential (or if one prefers, informational) content by which all earthly forms are shaped. Everything that is, is fashioned by one or more of these great Essential streams.

In the first place, let us be clear that the Janyati are not“forces” or “energies” conceived after the model of Newtonian physics (and dearly beloved of New Age movements). They are Intelligences. They are not people like us, it is true. But they are something more than people, not less than people. The greatest force in the universe is less than a person. It cannot think. We are speaking here of Intelligences immeasurably greater than ourselves. They have everything we people have, magnified a thousand times, and they have many qualities we cannot even conceive of. To picture them as something akin to people may not do them justice, but to picture them as something impersonal, like a force of nature, would do them infinitely less justice. They are everything we are and much more.

In the second place, let us remember that we are dealing with an intelligent, not an accidental, universe. The things below mirror the things above. The microcosm reflects the macrocosm. While the Janyati are very different from us, they nonetheless have a common measure with us. Just as we are made in God’s image, so are they. Indeed they are far closer to the Dea-nature than we are, and in a sense, we may say that each Janya is Dea, in a certain aspect. That is why the translation “goddess” is in some sense as appropriate as “angel”.

The word “influence” means, originally and literally, a “flowing-in” from the “stars”, or celestial beings.

Madrian Geniae

Etymology of Greek Titanides – The Lady Of Light Chantry Seven Spirits of Dea Matrona

Sanskrit Etymology of Janati

Angels and Janya: the meaning of terms


I would like to know where the words “Sai” and “Janyati” come from And what they mean. “Sai” was the name of a very prominent Hindu “Guru” who recently died, but I asume there is no connection? Greetings, Alexandra

Janyati (singular, Janya) comes from a root meaning “born” or “produced”, cf. Jataka= birth-stories (of the Buddhas) and in the Latin languages, such words as generation and genesis. Also genius meaning originally a guardian spirit – génie in French, which was also used to translate Arabic Jinni (singular of Jinn) – hence modern English genie. (Some versions of Deanic texts actually “Latinized” Janyati as “Geniae”). The term “Janya” means a spirit born or generated directly from Dea (the Absolute), and thus a secondary emanation of Deity – a spiritual “stream” that has its Source in Her. It is sometimes rendered as either “angel” or “goddess”, but both can easily be misunderstood, and so Janya is preferred. The term Sai (usually prefixed to a name) can be compared to Sanskrit sri or western saint. Its usage is closer to sri than to the modern usage of saint, since it can be used of both divine beings (Janyati) and saintly humans, and sometimes even of other holy things. This is, however, in line with the older usage of saint as in “St. Cross”, “St. Savior” (San Salvador) or “St. Trinity”, all found in the names of old churches. Sai is usually prefixed to the name of any Janya, hence Sai Raya, Sai Sushuri etc.


Janite Order & Tradition – THE SEVEN GREAT JANATI
The Seven Janati are the Supernal Genetrixes, Guardians or Wellsprings of the Seven Streams of Life or Virtue. They may be considered to be the Seven Spirits or Faces of Dea, Our Divine Mother God, in rarefied form. They are also known in their Forms of the Seven Female Planetary Powers or as the Seven Spirits or Stars of Sophia and Whom the Greeks knew as the female Titans of Eurynome.


Together, They are known as the Janati, a Sanskrit word meaning generate, cause, to be born, create, beget and to produce, while individually, they are referred to as a Jana, meaning gate. The goddess Diana was earlier known as Di-Jana, Divine Gate. The Janati are the generators and Divine Gates of the Seven Living Streams of Virtue.


(Incorrect Term) Goddesses: The Greeks called the First Generation of Goddesses, who came into being from the Great Goddess, Eurynome, “Wide Ruler”, by the collective title: Titanides, which means: “Great Feminine Powers”. Each Titanide was the Guardian or Ruler of one of the Seven Great Luminaries. Therefore, the name of each Titanide is similar in meaning to the name of the particular Luminary which she Guards.

As the Janati are also the Seven Planetary Powers, the Seven Titanesses are the Images/Forms/ which we use to represent the Janati, but it is important to remember that the Janati are not actually the Greek Titanesses. They are the Supernal Genetrixes, Guardians or Wellsprings of the Seven Streams of Life or Virtue.


(Incorrect Term) Guardian Angels: The Romans used the word Genius (masculine) or Genia (feminine) to refer to the “tutelary or moral spirit” who guides and governs an individual through life, from Latin genius “guardian deity or spirit which watches over each person from birth.



(Also see the following article: The Janati Are Not Angels, They Are Dea.)

The Janati are Dea, Herself, expressed as Seven Living Intelligent Rays or Streams of Life. They are Dea in Her Septat Form and are our Guardian Mothers.

The prism is often used as an analogy for the understanding of the Janati in our Tradition.We may think of the White Light of Dea streaming through a prism, which then separates into Seven Jeweled Living, Intelligent Rays. These Living Rays then take on rarefied  form.


Three of the Janati, Madrias Candre, Theia and Rhea, are of the Three-Fold Heaven in that they are Guardians of Spirit and Center. Four of the Janati, Madrias Grace, Vicka, Thema and Sofia, are of the Fourfold Earth as they are the Guardians of the four cardinal directions and rule over their corresponding Elements of Water/East/Spring, Fire/South/Summer, Earth/West/Autumn and Air/North/Winter.

The Seven Great Janati are a very prominent part of our practice. We adore the Janati as the Septat Form of Dea and strive to emulate Their Supernal Virtues and ask Their assistance in many areas.


The Janati Are Not Angels, They Are Dea.

One of the ways that we have explained the Janati in the past, taken from a tradition that was handed down to us, is that the Janati take on angelic form and though they are the Living Streams of Dea, they may be considered to be goddesses or angels. Unfortunately, this explanation has been misleading for many, including yours truly, when I first entered the Faith over six years ago.

Janites tend to stay away from using the words goddess or goddesses because the true nature and roles of the Classical and Celtic goddesses are greatly misunderstood in the 21st century. The modern sense of ‘goddess’ would not apply to either Dea in general, nor to the Janati in particular.

For equally valid reasons, we will no longer be referring to the Janati as angels or as being angelic-like. While angels are created beings, the Seven Janati, as the Seven Spirits of God/Dea, are uncreated Divine Beings. They are Dea, Herself.

angels A Being of Light (with Form).

The Deanic Faith teaches that Dea is One and Three and Seven. This signifies that She is a Singularity, a Trinity and a Septet. So, when we pray to Madria Thema, for example, or when we ask for the mighty help of Madria Vicka; when we honor Madria Candre as Matroness of priestesses or appeal to Madria Rhea for help in the area Self-Restraint; when we ask Madria Grace for healing or need Madria Sofia’s assistance with Wisdom; when we consciously open our minds and hearts to the Joy of Madria Theia, we are praying to Dea, Herself. They are the same as the Trinity. They have the Essence/Nature of the Godhood.


Janites are careful to never refer to the Janati as ‘aspects’ of Dea, because, again, that may be misleading. Just as the Trinity is Three Distinct Separate Beings and yet, are of one Essence (think of the grafting of the apple tree analogy ), so too, the Janati are Distinct, Separate Beings and yet, are of one Essence, i.e., the one Essence or Divine Nature of Godhood as mentioned, above. They are not goddesses in the modern sense of the word, nor are they created angelic beings. They are Dea in Her Septat Form and so, in the Janite Tradition, they are called Madria, Mother. They are our Guardian Mothers. In imagery, though they may be depicted as goddesses or as angels, it is important to always remember that they are the Living, Intelligent, Streams of Dea. They are the Seven Spirits of Dea. They are the Seven Faces of Dea. They are Dea in Her Septat Form.


On our Janati correspondence page (please see the above menu under The Great Seven Janati), the English names, (as used in the LLC), along with their Transport Animals, have been included in the correspondence list. The inclusion of the Transport Animals is thanks to the research of ArchMatrona Georgia Cobb. Please note that with the English names, such as Lady Clarity, which is the English name for Madria Candre, Lady is used in the Kyrian sense, i.e., Kyria which means Lady in the Lord sense.
The Janati are the Seven Faces of Dea. It is through them and in surrounding ourselves with them each day, through invocation and prayer and in coming to personally know them, that we come to know the Trinity and through the Trinity, we come to know the One: She, the Great Mother, Who is the Dark beyond the light and the Light beyond the darkness. Blessed is She.
Let us bless the Queen of Heaven.
Blessed is She.
Let us thank the Seven Janati of Power.
Thanks be to the Seven Janati.
ArchMadria Pamela Lanides
How to Celebrate the Feast Day of the Janati


The Names used by myself are mainly Clan Jana, with a couple of personal differences to clarify their stream for me.

3 Janati of Spirit

Lady Rhaya

Lady Theia

Lady Candra

4 Janati of Earth

Lady Grace

Lady Vicka

Lady Justina

Lady Sofia

Janati Names used by myself for clarity

Janati Powers or Virtues or Core Role

For Janites, the Powers will be based upon the Virtues and core role of each Janya, which is perhaps, more proper for the Janite expression of the Faith. In Janite thealogy, the Power is the Wellspring or main function, so to speak, of each Jana, from which the other Virtues flow.

They are as follows:

Madria Theia: Illumination

Madria Candre: Priestesshood.

Madria Vicka: Heroism.

Madria Sofia: Wisdom

Madria Thema: Justice.

Madria Grace: Healing.

Madria Rhea: Faith.